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The year 1954 witnessed the founding of Beijing Information Technology College ("BITC"), a vocational college whose birth coincided with that of China's electronic industry shortly after the advent New China. After a 57-year history, the total number of its graduates has topped 60,000, all of whom are high-calibre electronic and information technology professionals. Our graduates' employers are electronic information product manufacturing enterprises, software development companies, electronic information product marketing and services companies, internet concerns, advertising and film co firms, banks, urban information work agencies and NGOs. BITC enjoys a good reputation in provision of high-quality education and has become an important national training base for electronic and information technology professionals.

Educational Resources

BITC comprises three campuses. One is located in the northeast of the City of Beijing, another in the east, and a third in the south. The total land area they cover is 233,000 square metres, with the total area enclosed by teaching buildings 160,000 square metres, and the aggregate value of our teaching equipment 2 billion RMB. We have nearly 4,000 operational computers. Our 8,000 full-time students primarily pursue three-year diploma programmes. Our teaching staff numbers 580, and our administrative staff 350. Most teachers hold Masters degrees, and have amassed many years' work experience in enterprises. Three-quarters of our funding comes from the government, and one-quarter derives from student tuition fees. The total funding BITC receives each year is 2.5 billion RMB.

Talent-Training Method Combines Learning with Practical Work

We at BITC are acutely conscious of the crucial need for enterprise cooperation, and thus spare no efforts to promote the synergy of education with actual hands-on enterprise experience. For example, we built our "Software Park", a software development park that has 600 employment positions, and whose goal is to enhance classroom instruction through actual software development. This project serves as a bridge that spans our college and our enterprises.

We invite software companies to establish their presence in the Park and execute actual software development projects. Students work together with software technicians and thereby obtain superlative professional training opportunities and experience.

BITC has further established the "Beixin Digital Media Centre" within the renowned "798 Art Zone". This centre combines film-making instruction with real film production processes.

We offer professional film-making companies the opportunity to operate in the Centre, providing students the chance to participate in film production.

Come graduation, our graduates, armed with strong knowledge and sound practical ability, are eagerly sought after by employers. BITC provides 30 diploma programmes in diverse fields such as software technology, electronic information engineering technology, mechatronics, advertising design and production, and film and animation.

These programmes cooperate closely with enterprises to offer a synthesis of the learning process and practical work.

We initiated close interaction between our schools and enterprises in order to provide an experiential learning process combined with practical work in most of the diploma programmes.

International Cooperation

BITC enjoys international educational cooperation with:

  • Edexcel (UK); provides BTEC Higher National Diploma programme learning opportunities.
  • The Technical University of Dresden, Institute for Further and Continuing Education (Germany), confers IHK Certificate learning opportunities.
  • Christchurch Polytechnic, (New Zealand); provides Bachelors degree learning opportunities.
  • University of New England ("UNE") (Australia), bestows degrees and learning opportunities;
  • Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE (NMIT) (Australia), offers TAFE learning opportunities.
  • Stoke-on-Trent College (UK); provides BTEC Higher National Diploma programme learning opportunities.
  • Wigan & Leigh College (UK); provides BTEC Higher National Diploma programme learning opportunities and the Higher Diploma programme learning opportunities.
  • Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) (Singapore); offers student exchange programs.

Promoting Students' Overall Growth

BITC arranges the creation of colorful training opportunities facilitating full student development, thus enabling full preparation for their future careers. During the Beijing Olympic/Paralympic Games in 2008, our students assumed the task of issuing Olympic IDs to athletes and working staff, and served as security guards, performers in the opening ceremonies and volunteers in the auditorium. These volunteer services offered by our students exceeded 10,000 person-hours.

BITC provides funds and space to encourage students to participate and excel in various scientific contests, noteworthy among these was a student from our Electronic Engineering Department winning First Prize in both the 2009 and 2010 National Vocational College Student Skills Competition. Some other student also took First Prize in the National Student Electronics Design Competition for Higher Vocational College Students.

BITC further provides favourable conditions for league activities, supporting these with funds and guidance. There are 68 student leagues, many of which enjoy good repute among students. Benefiting from these colourful activities, which significantly temper talent, many students improve their quality and self-confidence.

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